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The Gospel According to Luke

Aggie Grey is a jaded sexual health counsellor who finds herself having to defend her business against the attacks of a radical new fundamentalist sect. Pastor Luke Butler is young, idealistic and out to capture the hearts and minds of Sydney’s disaffected youth; his first order of business is to shut down Aggie Grey’s clinic.

Caught in the crossfire is 16-year-old Honey – pregnant, battered and ready to cling to whatever hope is offered. As Aggie and Luke fight over the fate of Honey’s unborn child, they discover a deep and surprising connection. But as the war between the secular and religious intensifies, Aggie, Luke and Honey find themselves in moral and physical danger.

Against a backdrop of religious terrorism and social decay, The Gospel According to Luke is a contemporary love story about belief, family, grief and hope.

“Maguire is a master of her craft; her prose is sharp and full of imagery and her dialogue rings true. Ultimately, she sets a pace slow enough for us to get lost in the characters, and fast enough for us to get caught up in the plot.”The Australian Book Review